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Jeremiah Barons Equities Division seeks to uncover and capitalize on investment opportunities primarily in real estate around the Treasure Coast. Our investments include development and strategic ventures with a goal to diversify within real estate and non-real estate portfolio companies in various industries. For more than 20 years, we have created high-quality investment opportunities to maximize and preserve our investors’ security and returns through private real estate investment.

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When Jeremiah Baron first began his career on the Treasure coast, he immediately saw its potential. In the 2 decades since, he has become a leader in Treasure Coast real estate focused on helping the Treasure Coast transform into everything he knew it could be.

Jeremiah Baron & Co. Equities utilizes the insight and expertise Jeremiah has obtained over the years combined with a team of industry leading professionals who share in his passion and knowledge of the industry. Together they uncover and capitalize on investment opportunities in and around the Treasure Coast.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and the Equities Division would not be possible without their shared vision and commitment to Jeremiah & Baron Co. What makes this team possible is our focus on building long-standing relationships based on mutual trust, understanding, and prioritizing the needs and goals of clients.

Our team shows up every day with a steadfast commitment to the goal of our clients, a superior level of customer service, and a passion for our community.
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Inspired Quote:
"Never depend on a single income,
 make an investment to create a second source."
- Warren Buffet

investment strategy




Identify properties/assets with favorable risks and estimated rewards.


Sponsor the project + execute the plan.


Turn assets into positive cashflow and investor returns.


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Our reputation as a leader in Treasure Coast real estate often precedes us and our team of professionals work diligently to exceed these expectations. We have cultivated trusting relationships with a variety of distinguished businesses and organizations in the area and always welcome new investors.


Our team of real estate equity experts utilize their extensive expertise and market knowledge to invest and manage high value assets that yield remarkable returns. Our team has invested and grown capital across real estate and other ventures.


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