PSL SWAT Training at 76 Golf World Property

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A Treasure Coast family fun center will soon become home to hundreds of workforce housing units and several new retail shops. 76 Golf World located off Kanner Highway in Stuart was in business for 32 years before closing its doors for good in November 2021.The 26-acre site is now owned by Jeremiah Baron Development.

"We're working with Starbucks, Hartland Dental, Chipotle, other national brands that we think will be great for the area, and the residential in the back," CEO Jeremiah Baron said. "We're really catering to teachers, firefighters, really to help with the lack of housing in the area right now."

Baron said he often likes to let local law enforcement use his empty buildings for training before they have to be torn down. He invited the Port St. Lucie Police Department SWAT team to train inside the old arcade.

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